About Paradigma

Over the years of our practice we have created a simple and intuitive interaction algorithm for a customer, which allows to move quickly and accurately to achieve this goal. Currently our staff includes attorneys and lawyers with substantial experience in providing legal services. We provide an individual approach to each case and we are able to make quick and creative solutions.

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Nataliya Kolodezhnaia

Managing Partner and founder of Law Group PARADIGMA

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Kliment Rusakomskiy

Managing Partner and founder of Law Group PARADIGMA

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Marat Khasanov

of Law Group PARADIGMA

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  • Ryazanov А.N.

    Dear Kliment Igorevich!

    These are words of heartfelt thanks for mutual cooperation and legal assistance in a legal solution of a number of conflict situations. During the long period of our cooperation, your lawyers have demonstrated high professionalism levels, timely performance of all assignments and the ability to find unorthodox solutions. I recommend «Paradigma» as a reliable partner who can be trusted with the most difficult legal issues.

    Ryazanov А.N.
    Ryazanov А.N.
  • Temple of Transfiguration of Our Lord

    Temple of Transfiguration of Our Lord at Preobrazhenskaya square of Moscow thanks you and staff of Paradigma law company for a significant contribution to the case of reconstruction of Temple of Transfiguration of Our Lord at Preobrazhenskaya Square, active participation in collection of donations and rendering full legal aid to parish council.

    Prior of Temple of Transfiguration of Our Lord at Preobrazhenskaya Square

    Archpriest Boris Potapov

    Temple of Transfiguration of Our Lord
  • STG Group (Stroytransgaz)

    Dear Colleagues!

    From the company and myself personally, I express gratitude and appreciation to «Paradigma» or professionalism and fruitful cooperation. Quality and timeliness which are at the basis of the work of your professionals, allow me to recommend «Paradigma» or achieving successful results in legal dispute resolution.

    During our work together, company professionals have demonstrated precision in decision making as well as timely performance of assigned tasks.

    We highly value the strength and reliability of the business relationship formed with «Paradigma». We hope for fruitful cooperation and are prepared to recommend you as a good-faith partner. We wish you further growth and prosperity!

    Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board,
    Head of Corporate and Legal
    V.Е. Kusov
    STG Group (Stroytransgaz)
  • Reimpeks Samara Neftepromysel

    To Paradigma Law company

    We recommend Paradigma company as a professional partner aimed at result, highly qualified specialists of which successfully carry out tasks set by the Client.

    Paradigma law company represented interests of our company in the original case on collection of debt and penalty fee in the amount of 34,4 million rubles for the performed works under the work and labour agreement. The lawyers also filed a counter-claim on losses recovery in the form of future expenses on a re-drilling of oil wells, expenses on elimination of defects and a penalty fee in the amount of 90,5 million rubles.

    Within this case lawyers of Paradigma company managed to achieve an appointment of construction-technical expertise. Also, Paradigma lawyers, by means of case evidence and expert opinion, managed to prove the need of recovery of the future expenses on re-drilling of oil wells in the claimed size. The lawyers of Paradigma company also gained a rejection of satisfaction of the original claim in the amount of 34,4 million rubles, addressed to the Client. 

    Besides, vigorous and timely actions of Paradigma company allowed to recover money according to the writ of execution in the amount  of 80 million rubles in the shortest possible time. Also, after sending the case for a retrial, Paradigma lawyers managed to gain a refusalof amending the writ of execution and of return of the recovered money.

    CJSC “Reimpeks-Samara-Neftepromysel” wishes Paradigma Law company to remain the leader in the market of legal services!



    CEO of CJSC Reimpeks-Samara-Neftepromysel

    Spirenkov Anton Dmitriyevich

    Reimpeks Samara Neftepromysel
  • Zvezdny Hotel

    To the managing partner, Kliment Igorevich Rusakomsky, Paradigma law group

    The joint-stock company "Zvezdny Hotel” thanks Paradigma law group for representation of interests of our company in courts in cases of debt collection under the work and labour agreements, and also for representation of our interests in a corporate dispute.

    Actions taken by lawyers of Paradigma company allowed to gain recovery of the claimed monetary sums, and to avoid recovery of real cash from our organization as a Client.

    By efforts of Paradigma company’s lawyers we managed to avoid the risk of a major transaction being challenged - a loan agreement in the amount of 700 000 000 rub.

    During the period from January 2003 to the present day our company also has repeatedly applied to Paradigma lawyers with various legal issues, including themes of anti-monopoly regulation and implementation of purchases within the frameworks of Federal law No. 223-FZ. We have received exhaustive qualified legal answers to all our questions and have been proposed with qualified solutions as well.

    It is difficult to overestimate the work done by the team of experienced specialists of Paradigma law firm. They definitely can be entrusted with difficult lawsuits.

    Moreover, it is surely possible to call our long-term close cooperation, which lasts more than 3 years, a stable partnership. We recommend Paradigma law group as a reliable and professional partner.

    Deputy CEO

    Eteri Maskhuliya



    Zvezdny Hotel
  • PMK Holding

    “PMK Holding” limited liability company expresses gratitude to Paradigma law group for the professional approach in rendering a complex of legal services to our company.

    We want to thank your employees for the clearness and efficiency in their work, ability to find a solution in difficult situations and for the shown professionalism within bankruptcy case connected to debt collection from a bankrupt entity.

    Paradigma law group is a fair partner whose highly qualified specialists successfully perform tasks set for the company.

    We wish you prosperity!


    Panin Konstantin Igorevich

    PMK Holding
  • Fabrika Orenburgskih Puhovih Platkov

    To the Law company “Paradigma”
    for Kliment Igorevich Rusakomsky,
    Managing Partner

    ZAO “Fabrika Orenburgskih Puhovih Platkov” sincerely appreciates the Law company “Paradigma” for the qualified and on-time legal support and consulting. In the course of cooperation with the Company “Paradigma” we have ascertained in the high level of professionalism of lawyers, in a good awareness of practice of work of regulatory bodies. Specialists of the Company “Paradigma” worked consistently and accurate, using the excellent knowledge of legislature and paying attention to a “time factor”, which often plays a key role. The work of lawyers of “Paradigma” is worthy of the best appreciation and fair commendation.

    In the future we will turn to our colleagues in law company “Paradigma” in case of problematic situation. We can recommend this company with a full confidence to our business colleagues and friends.

    The deputy of the chief legal officer
    Karamishev Evgenij Mihailovich,

    Fabrika Orenburgskih Puhovih Platkov
  • Institute for Strategic Security

    Dear Colleagues!

    We express our thanks for the high professional level of services in the resolution of legal issues arising in our business.

    Responsibility and precision in performing your obligations, a business-like and unorthodox approach to the resolution of tasks, concerted effort of the team – all this, in our opinion, gives Paradigma lawyers undisputable advantages in the Russian legal services market. We value Paradigma highly, and will recommend it as a reliable and competent legal advisor..

    Shalyganov Yu.V.
    Institute for Strategic Security
  • Frumkin V.

    Dear Kliment Igorevich!

    I express my thanks to you and «Paradigma» lawyers for timely and professional legal support, efficient elimination of difficulties.

    With your help, we were able to successfully defend our business. Company lawyers have given us sound advice for the future, have shown attentiveness to and understanding of the situation. This allows us to give only positive references about your company and recommend you to all my business colleagues. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

    Frumkin V.
    Frumkin V.
  • Union of Gardeners of Russia

    Dear Kliment Igorevich!

    Thank you and the «Paradigma» team for successful cooperation in the implementation of our joint projects.

    Employees of the law company have proven that they are able to solve complicated tasks quickly and efficiently, demonstrating creativity in the development of alternative solutions. All this allows us to recommend «Paradigma» as a reliable business partner in resolving legal tasks of various levels of complexity.

    We thank «Paradigma» lawyers for their quick and organised work. We would particularly like to note the ability of the firm’s lawyers to take on unorthodox disputes and find efficient legal ways to solve them.

    In work like legal resolution of conflicts, it is important that the lawyer is attentive to details and is able to find creative approaches in defending the client’s interests. Lawyers of the company have demonstrated these skills to the fullest extent, successfully resolving a number of conflicts.

    We are happy with the results of work with «Paradigma» awyers and expect to continue our cooperation.

    Chairman of the Presidum
    «Union of Gardeners of Russia»
    Valenchuk О.D.
    Union of Gardeners of Russia
  • The Moscow State Law University

    Dear Kliment Igorevich!

    The Moscow State Law University named after О.Е.Kutafin (MGUA) thanks the legal group «Paradigma» for its active scholarly and practical work as part of the cycle of lectures and seminars for the students, graduate students and postgraduates of the University on dispute litigation in Russia and abroad, topical changes in Russian law, support in bankruptcy, corporate law, in the study years 2014/15 and 2015/16. Paradigma's lectures and seminars always contain presentation elements, and abound with examples of actual successful court cases where the company’s lawyers and attorneys were involved. All these facts together have served to arouse active interest to Paradigma’s sessions among our students.

    The management of the Moscow State Law University named after О.Е.Kutafin (MGUA) notes that the primary goal of the joint non-commercial project between the University and Paradigma is to consolidate our efforts in improving the quality of legal education in Russia by promoting the best expertise of Paradigma’s lawyers and attorneys and by consistent integration into the University’s training process of practice-oriented subjects, and hopes that in 2016 the legal group «Paradigma» will continue with its now traditional course of lectures, and active interaction with our students and graduate students in legal competitions and training programmes.

    Vice Principal, Academic Affairs
    L. А. Petruchak
    The Moscow State Law University
  • Asiatsko-Tihookeansky Bank

    Letter of gratitude

    “Asiatsko-Tihookeansky Bank” expresses appreciation to the whole team of specialists of Law company “Paradigma” for their successful operation in a field of legal consulting, drafting of legal papers and representation of client`s interests in litigation procedure.

    Law company “Paradigma has proved itself as a professional and reliable business partner. The cooperation with the Company is characterized by the high level of services and individual approach to clients. Professionalism, attention to client let us to recommend the law company to other interested organizations.

    Asiatsko-Tihookeansky Bank