Legal Group«Paradigma» was established in 2005 by a group of qualified lawyers who had accumulated substantial expertise working for major companies and governmental authorities. Uninterrupted experience of business dealings with colleagues from Russia and abroad, representatives of Russian and international business community, foreign investors, convinced us that both Russian and international companies were in need of legal support on a level allowing them to identify unorthodox legal options for reacting to the most topical, contentious challenges presented by contemporary Russia.

The main competence of the company is client representation in all stages of pre-trial process and litigation before Russian arbitrazh courts of all instances, as well as before state authorities.

An important priority is the defence of our clients in economic disputes and other matters arising from business and entrepreneurial activity.

We have been involved in most business conflicts in Russia and act as litigation and strategy advisors to in-house legal departments of major Russian and international companies. In our years of experience, we have developed an efficient mechanism of working together with corporate legal departments, while most of our clients have a large in-house legal staff. The smooth interaction between in-house and Paradigma lawyers allows fast and seamless joint movement in coordinating our projects. In-house lawyers resolve day-to-day issues, while Paradigma lawyers work on projects requiring deep competencies in specific areas of law, and participate on a daily basis in court proceedings in a variety of business areas. An in-house lawyer, while highly qualified, is not essentially a stress manager, while Paradigma lawyers excel in resolving critical situations and court disputes.


How we are different from other litigators:

We follow the principle of fundamental analysis of the issue and offer a unique legal strategy. This equals our opponent’s inability to anticipate the selected method of defending our client’s rights and interests.

We ensure strict confidentiality by maintaining Chinese walls in all our projects.

Our team of professionals is proactive, strategically flexible and mobile.

Our reputation is unstained.

We are independent. We have no affiliation to our clients and are not part of any associations of consulting and legal companies.


Paradigma today is a united team of professionals offering advisory and legal services all over Russia and abroad. We both advise our clients on current affairs and support comprehensive projects, inter alia, those governed by multiple jurisdictions. The existence of full-fledged active representative offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria ensures efficient support to clients internationally and allows us to liaise with state and regulatory bodies as well as business communities. International projects are promoted with a team effort of lawyers, ensuring efficient collaboration of our professionals with the international legal community and foreign partners.

Paradigma has broad connections and long term partnerships with lawyers and attorneys from many countries, and is a member and honourable participant of various professional associations, unions and societies, including: Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia-China Law Society, Eurasia Business Union, Deutsch-Russische Juristenvereinigung which boosts significantly our ability to provide legal advisory services in international markets and ensures efficient client representation beyond the Russian national jurisdiction.

Our company is a living organism operating smoothly and efficiently. This is where the most complicated legal opinions are developed, unorthodox and creative approaches to legal work and law generally are formed. Our experts combine classical theory and contemporary creative ideas born from our practice of law, the best Russian and international expertise, Western service standards and Russian traditions.

Choosing Paradigma as your partner, you may be confident that your business is safely protected!

The main practice areas of Paradigma cover defence of clients’ interests in matters relating to:

  • resolution of corporate conflicts;
  • support of M&A transactions, inter alia, on matters of developing strategy and implementing measures for preventive defence from hostile takeovers;
  • development and implementation of legal schemes for share purchase;
  • securities operations (shares, bonds, notes);
  • representation of clients in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • recovery of debts and protection from creditors, assignment and sale of receivables and payables;
  • representation of clients in the implementation of tax and customs disputes;
  • full transaction support, inter alia, contracts with foreign element including representation of clients in negotiations with third parties, audit of documents of title and others, including documents relating to property, legal audit of contracts for compliance with applicable law, comprehensive risk assessment in execution of transactions, preparation of documents for state registration of title to property and transactions with property, representation of clients in court etc.;
  • implementation of the complex of steps for the acquisition/sale of business;
  • full comprehensive due diligence required to check legal status of the acquired companies/business, joint venture agreements, full partnership agreements, investments, agreements with suppliers, partners, customers, creation of new companies or entry into a new market, implementation of M&A transactions etc.;
  • assistance in reorganisation procedures for Russian legal entities in the form of amalgamation, merger, transformation, spin-off, and upon liquidation;



Paradigma Law Company has substantial experience in representing clients not only in Russia but also abroad.



Nataliya Kolodezhnaya

Managing Partner and founder of Law Group PARADIGMA

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Kliment Rusakomskiy

Managing Partner and founder of Law Group PARADIGMA

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Marat Khasanov

of Law Group PARADIGMA

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Valeria Selivanova

of Law Group PARADIGMA

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Paradigma Law Company since its inception focused on creating for each customer exclusive algorithm for solving the problems.