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11 years of successful work in cooperation with the “ProjectMate”.

Kliment Rusakomsky, Managing Partner of the Law Firm “Paradigma”: "11 years of successful work in cooperation with the “ProjectMate”

This year the law group “Paradigma” is 11 years old. Since 2005 the company was specialized on protection of the interests of clients in courts of all levels in Russia and abroad, as well as the rendering of a full range of legal services for members of the Russian and foreign business, starting from the protection of corporate interests in the economic conflicts, bankruptcy and debt management, transaction support and due diligence services in Russia and other jurisdictions as advise on legal matters.

The company Paradigma is a kind of "boutique of legal solutions." It has elaborated a complex of legal opinions. The approaches to legal work and law are formed in general unconventionally and creatively.

Today the “Paradigma” is successfully developing in several directions and in several countries – UK, Germany, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. The company confidently follows the chosen way and names the key to success and one of its main advantages — specialization in disputes arising from business activities, including economic conflicts on the territory of Russia and abroad.

Kliment Rusakomsky, Managing Partner of Law Firm “Paradigma” speaks about his experience of implementing of a ProjectMate in Moscow at first and then in the foreign offices, and the peculiarities of usage of the system in a successful litigation company .

"I can say without any hesitation  that there are no real prototypes of  the “ProjectMate”

Speaking about business, it is said in the “Paradigma”: "We specialize in the protection of clients' interests in the economic sphere, and almost always under stressful situations." Primarily the “Paradigma” is a litigation company; however, there is also a huge practice of prosecuting cases when a component of the business is either a conflict or a potential threat of conflict.

Over 11 years of successful activity the company has made a significant contribution to the field of practice in litigation. Company has closed many gaps and spaces, especially in specific areas of economic conflict resolution. A significant part of the new methods of solving non-standard cases contained in legal databases "Garant" or the "Consultant-Plus" is the result of work of the “Paradigma”. Fulfilling a pioneering role, the company makes a contribution to the development of Russian legal field.

That is a specificity of the company today and it was originally intended the same way. "At a time when the “Paradigma” was just starting its way, in Russia there were so-called "raider" groups that took the company across the country, " - recalls Kliment Rusakomsky.
We have set up a target to create an effective company to protect the interests of clients in the field of economic, which is the most aggressive, but it is absolutely within the law". Since then the “Paradigma” works and develops, and deepens its specialization.

Today, partner says: "We're definitely involved in one of the 10 largest economic conflicts in the country at each point in time."
Over time, when gradually the Russian legal market has evolved, the quality of services improved, the responsibility of the external consultants has increased.

A serious need for time accounting and specialized legal software for control of projects in the “Paradigma” arisen. "We looked through a lot of programs, looking at both Western and Russian colleagues, the leaders of the market in the company of the same level at that time," says Kliment Rusakomsky, — After considering of many options, I can say without any hesitation  that there are no real prototypes of  the “ProjectMate”.

"No matter what anyone said – everything is based on billing”

When it was a time to make a choice which of program to use in the “Paradigma”, the first option was a large foreign software for the time tracking and billing. But almost immediately we had to abandoned from it due to the fact that the “Paradigma” customers didn’t accept the billing in the form as it provided. Looking at the experience of the Western colleagues we came to the conclusion that foreign companies use software products that are not very suitable in our market because of the specifics of billing.

"We don’t speak about technical features, but about other "mentality" in billing, because of what «pay per hour» in Russia has taken root with serious difficulties, "  - explains Kliment Rusakomsky.

«And 10 years ago, and today customers often previously ask to call the full amount or to set an upper limit of the budget instead of hourly pay. Whatever else is said about it – still, it is based on hourly billing. Depending on arrangements with the clients, either we bill to client on actually hours worked, or correct our work inside the limit, and understand how efficiently we have worked on the project. For this we need accurate and complete data on hourly billing, which allows  by the “ProjectMate".

The  “Paradigma” has also considered several programs of the Russian production after analysis of foreign accounting time systems. "We have stopped our choice on the “ProjectMate”, among other things due to adequate professional technical support and readiness to dialogue with the client,"- the company says.

"The critical issue was a reflection of the court proceedings"

The legal group “Paradigma” works with the “ProjectMate” since 2009. Speaking about  experience using the program, in the company it is said "All these years the “ProjectMate” developed in parallel with us, we have made a lot of improvements, including those which we have discussed and which are expected. The “ProjectMate” sometimes overtook us, sometimes we were overtaken the program by their inquiries, there were crucial moments in this regard. "

 The reflection of court proceedings in the “ProjectMate” was one of these serious moments. Module of litigation work was available in the system from March 2016. It has been developed in close cooperation with the users of the system – lawyers and attorneys. The feedback from customers played the main role in its realization. Until that time, the program did not have a special ability to reflect the court proceedings.

"We are very grateful to you for hearing from us and accepting our request," - commented Kliment Rusakomsky, - «Now the legal module works and suits us. This is very important, it was critical for us. Remember how I was talking to Evgeny Baidakov (Gen. Manager of "AVICOM company") about events that are not beyond the control of the parties, and before it was impossible to take it into account properly in the system. We had to maintain separate documents for the consideration of the courts, and it was very uncomfortable. And now there are things that need to be adjusted or improved. And we are very glad that we can always discuss it openly with developers".

The work  with tasks (orders) and billing are in the first place among the main functions of the “ProjectMate” which are used by Paradigma. According to opinion of Kliment Rusakomsky, billing is a key direction in which the “ProjectMate” holds market leadership of software for lawyers.

"The market is more and more systematize, and our customers have used to get the detailisation of services rendered directly from the “ProjectMate” — adds Kliment Rusakomsky, — Sometimes it helps to reply on customer questions regarding billing. For example -  the program considered so and as the risk of error as well the risk of human factor is eliminated".

"The key to leadership is not only the program, but it is that we were heard"

Answering to the question about how the process of implementing of  the “ProjectMate” in the "Paradigma" was organized and how people adopted to the new system, the company explained that initially implemented the program rather harsh methods. Experience shows that innovations often meet resistance. People tend to assume that it would be hard and that the new program will be time-consuming. Over time this kind of opinion is changing and filling of the working calendar became a habit of employees.

«New difficulties arise when the company is growing up and the number of employees increases, and from time to time some beginners try to deceive this program, that should be confronted», - it is said in the  «Paradigma», - The good point in working with «AVICOM» is that we can make a phone call and tell about our difficulties, and we are sure enough that you will hear us».

«I have called Eugenij Baidakov to speak about unequivocal aspects and problem points, continues Kliment Rusakomsky, - For example, about an option, which closes a possibility of using a billing by employees over the previous period. The reaction on our request was immediate. After that upon the request of the «Paradigma» and a number of other clients the  capability to limit of making and altering of notes by employees over the past periods have started up in the “ProjectMate»

«The career of employees depends on the ProgectMate»

High percentage of winning cases (more than 94%) by the company «Paradigma» shows that this company has a strong team of lawyers. Answering on a question about building of motivational system for the employees, Kliment Rusakomsky says: «Surely we use billing information from the “ProjectMate” to determine different KPI of employees.

Firstly, we use billing in this program directly for the billing, secondly, to define a workload of employees, thirdly – for the statistics, and at last – to estimate a quality of work: we look at differences between the registered working hours and those inscribed in clients’ accounts. It is the most important indication of assessment of employees for us. When this difference is not big, employee is extremely effective. And conversely, when the difference is significant, this means that the employee is ineffective and he spends so much time that we cannot sell.

Of course, there can be objective reasons. For example, when we have spent a plenty of time on finding the solution of a problem of a client. We take a responsibility for these expenses, so we do not bill it to a client. Also there are not objective reasons. The partners estimate all of them.

As a result of monthly monitoring this index influences premiums and alternating components of a salary, and is taken into account when deciding on the career development. In such a manner today the “ProjectMate” plays a significant role in the internal assessment of employees` efficiency. And it is important because their career depends on work in the company.

“The  “ProjectMate” in the London office of “Pradigma”

The offices of the “Paradigma” operate in Russia and overseas: in Moscow, London, Berlin, Sophia and Alma-Ata. In some foreign offices it is also used the “ProjectMate” like in Moscow as a program for automatization.

Thereby, for example, system has already been introduced in London office of the “Paradigma”. In current moment, the “ProjectMate” is used in the sort of terminal, and employees from London enter the system, which works in Moscow office, remotely. In the nearest half of a year it is planned to extend the options of a program according to their own needs in London office and to set there an independent block, the data from which will be associated with the data from Moscow and other offices of the company.

It is said in the company that UK people do well with the Russian product and explain it by understandable interface of the “ProjectMate”, which does not include specific details and, in such a way, affords to see familiar picture, which is usual for many users who work with corporate programs in different countries.

“I consider that the “AVICOM” is one of the best company in a field of technical support.”

In the conclusion of a dialog Kliment Rusakomsky admits: “I want to speak about the technical support of the system separately: it is unconditional that you are one of the best company in a field of technical support in Russia. I say it without any compliments.

I am ready to sign this words in any paper, because neither I nor my colleagues have faced anу situation when calling in technical service we were not answered or you said us that you are busy and generally don`t know what the question is. This is customary for many IT-companies.

For this reason, from my point of view, it is necessary to hold up the “AVICOM” as an example. It is a rare instance when a technical service is so smoothly running.

The bottom line is that it can be admitted that cooperation of two successful companies, the “Paradigma” and the “AVICOM”, is a good chance to progress in achieving the strategic aims with the maximum effect. The best way is always to do the work for the long run!