18 08 / 17

Comments of Rusakomskiy K. I., the Managing Partner of «Paradigma», who is acting on behalf of Mr Vdovin A.V., for the newspaper «Commersant»

The article is about the fact that the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) – an official receiver of the collapsed Finprombank filed a petition with the court to declare Andrey Vdovin bankrupt. The DIA refers to certain data on the inventory of the property of Finprombank, on the balance sheet of which Vdovin's debt of $ 11 million under a credit agreement has been taken into account. On the basis of this the DIA claims that there is a default on obligations for a long time and there are no actions aimed at settling the debt.

However, the question arises as to why the DIA makes conclusions, let alone gives any comments on this in the press, without studying the primary documentation. Given the reasons for the withdrawal of the license from Finprombank, related to the permanent failure by the credit institution to comply with federal laws in the sphere of banking and regulatory acts of the Bank of Russia, etc., the appeal only to the financial statements and the bank's balance sheets as evidence of the existence of arrears is clearly inadequate.

With a proper study of the primary documents, the DIA could obviously have established that the rights of Finprombank to Andrey Vdovin had long ceased. No one has taken into account that at present Finprombank has no documented rights of claim to Andrey Vadimovich. Consequently submitting a petition to declare Andrey Vdovin bankrupt can be seen as an instrument of pressure of the bank and the DIA to present Andrey Vdovin in the most negative light, maliciously evading the fulfillment of obligations. There is a strong evidence proving the absence of any legal grounds of the bank's claim to be presented before the court by Andrey Vdovin’s defense.

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