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Eastern vector for development. Paradigma have taken part in cooperation forum of chinese and foreign lawyers and in symposium “Elite Global Legal Alliance” in China.

PARADIGMA Law Group is developing its eastern vector of legal practice for several years by rendering services for Chinese companies in Russia and for Russian companies operating on Asian legal market. It gives us an understanding of the importance of cooperation with experts and public organizations in the sphere of Russia-China relations support. In this regard, we hold and participate in various workshops and conferences in respective sphere.

For instance, from 10 to 14 of October, we have participated in several conferences dedicated to protection of Chinese investors’ rights and to prospects of cooperation between Chinese and foreign law firms in the respective sphere. Andrey Toryannikov, Head of Litigation practice of PARADIGMA Legal Group, attorney at law, was invited to these conferences as a guest speaker on international commercial arbitration.  

In his presentation, Andrey stated that to the date there are plenty of legal mechanisms in the Russian Federation available for protection of Chinese investors’ rights. He added that those mechanisms are in line with international standards of protection. However, as analysis of our Chinese clients’ cases reflects Chinese investors do not exercise all the available legal means of protection of their investments. Thus, it is crucial to increase legal expertise of investors and to use practical mechanisms. The latter were has described and explained by Andrey in a very comprehensive manner to Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs and lawyers during his presentation.

The issues of Chinese investors’ rights protection in Russia have become extremely debatable in a recent time for the following reason. The guarantee of an adequate level of Chinese businessmen’ rights protection will increase Chinese investments in Russian economy and lead to development of the latter in general.

The logical continuation of the presentations was a visit paid by Mr. Yao Yuan, director of Moscow office DHH Law Firm, to PARADIGMA’s office. DHH Law Firm is the strategic partner of PARADIGMA in the Russian Federation. Within the scope of agreement with this firm, PARADIGMA represents Chinese residents on the Russian territory in the sphere of investments and renders legal services for them.