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Edition «Vedomosti» 03.08.2017

“Public procurement in electronic form is typical for many economically developed countries and has proved itself as successful. The need for this is explained by many factors. Firstly, availability of paper forms creating a huge volume of documents is a problem. The electronic form will make procurement more accessible.

Secondly, the new approach allows to reduce corruption risks, increase transparency and openness of procedures. Thirdly, the transfer of procurement into electronic form  will simplify and accelerate the process of filing documents.

However it is important to work out a clear system of control over the Single Information System of the Public Procurement and over electronic platforms for effective work in the new conditions and for full protection of the rights of public procurement participants. In this regard, we consider the initiative of the FAS Russia on the introduction of an independent registrar absolutely reasonable. The new registrar will monitor all actions of participants in public procurement activities. "- explained the expert.