23 05 / 18

In discussion of public procurement under the Federal Law № 44 in Technopark Skolkovo

Execution of Skolkovo projects directly depends on legislation. To provide awareness of the latest changes to companies of science and technology complex on the 22nd of May Technopark Skolkovo have invited residents of Skolkovo Innovation Center to the busyness forum “Public procurement under the Federal Law № 44: analysis of law enforcement practice. Peculiarities of procurement on conducting research and development” organized by the law firm Paradigma.

The leading lawyer of antitrust section of  law firm Paradigma Elena Gorbatovskaya have explained the latest changes in practical application of the Federal Law № 44 with due account for position of control authority, and also paid attention of residents to special aspects of procurement on conducting research and development. The report of the expert of  Paradigma also included topical issues of drafting procurement documentation and legal practice of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation (FAS RF), requirements to participants of procurements, detailed review of structure of application on participation in procedure of determination of supplier and contractual price bid.

Elena Gorbatovskaya (Zhukova) is the lawyer specialized in antitrust regulation with more than 10 years working experience in FAS RF. She shared with key points in concluding contracts and touched base of unilateral repudiation of a contract procedure. The most interesting aspect of her report was a question “How to avoid inclusion in register of not in good faith suppliers?»

The record of discussion you may find in one week after the event on our YouTube channel