04 06 / 18

Interview of PARADIGMA’s Managing partner for «Moscow-Lawyers» channel

«Moscow_Lawyers» is a channel about lifestyle of lawyers whose founder recently met with Kliment Rusakomskiy, the Managing partner of the law firm PARADIGMA. The meeting was held in the firm’s office and the talk was about the attitude of Kliment Rusakomskiy to law, colleagues and just life. Mr. Rusakomskiy sincerely shared his views on the career choice, self-fulfillment, professional and personal development, style and way of life.

In an interview with the founder of the channel «Moscow_Lawyers», Alexander Molotnikov, the Managing partner of PARADIGMA spoke about the issues: When the enemy can be defeated? How to lose a battle, not a war? And how to find a balance between the "strike aircrafts" and "armoured infantry"?

Mr. Rusakomskiy breaks the stereotype that lawyers are boring people in black suits. He is a successful and happy lawyer. At the meeting, Mr. Rusakomskiy talks about who he is, what motivates and inspires him, how he prefers to spend time and what his dreams are. He also tells where to meet him! We believe that the story of Mr. Rusakomskiy will inspire other lawyers with his sincerity and will add a little intrigue.

We thank «Moscow_Lawyers» for empowerment of lawyers and for its multilateral interests!

You can find out more information about effective leadership, team management, family and traditions in PARADIGMA by clicking the link below.