20 05 / 16

May 20 is the final day of International Legal Forum in St. Petersburg.

During St. Peterburg International Legal Forum it is possible for the partners of Paradigma company not only to discuss current legislative and professional tendencies, to understand how the legal market is breathing, to maintain old relationships, to meet new interesting people, but also to perform cultural program. But it is fair to notice, that the manager partners have worked effectively before enjoyed the culture.

According to tradition the State Hermitage Museum is a necessary place to visit as one of the biggest and most significant art and culture-historical museum in Russia and in the world. This year in spite of  great stream of lawyers, the museum did not have a lot of visitors, that is why the partners could enjoy the masterpieces of museum’s collection in the privacy and could feel directly the historical relationship with the name of museum “Hermitage” ( from French “ermitage”– is a place of solitude). Besides the partners visited an entertainment program “Legal Street”. There were a lot of fascinating orientated actions and the participants could go into atmosphere of friendly communication on the restaurant street of the city.

Summarizing the participation of Paradigma company in the International Legal Forum at this year, it must be stressed that the essential aspect of this event at 2016 was the relevance and timeliness of the declared topics, the unique business atmosphere, which was again created by its organizers.

Each year the popularity of St. Peterburg International Legal Forum (SPBILF) is rising – increasing of its audience, extending of the experts’ group, involving the high professional speakers.


The attendance of St. Peterburg International Legal Forum is not only a good tradition for our company, but also it is essential event in the business schedule.  

In the framework of the International Legal Forum we get not only interesting, but also useful contacts and new ideas.

Besides the interesting cultural program at this year should be noted: the concert of "Moscow Virtuosos", a unique themed event. The Forum is a synergy of business and cultural programs, where you can combine business with pleasure!

So there are the most outstanding actions of the International Legal Forum, which were attended by our lawyers:

• A significant number of discussions during SPBILF 2016 were dedicated to current challenges for lawyers. The experts’ discussion about the International Commercial Arbitration Court (with the working title “ICAC: Perspectives and reforms” was not became an exception. The lawyers talked about special characteristics of the legal institute, which is only going to gain confidence in Russian Federation.
It is widespread in the world,  that the Arbitration is faced with difficulties. Particularly it became a victim of its own success. People complained regularly on expensive payment for proceeding and on time delay, caused, perhaps, by significant interest to the Court. The Lord, the main judge of Great Britain expressed sorrow at the fact that oversize number of arbitration proceedings retards the development of legal practice by publication of the Court decisions, because there are less and less cases in the Court.

There is a fear that it can injure the development of International trade law, applied by all Arbitration tribunals. At the same time, some people believe that the problem is in the Courts themselves. Some arbitration systems suffer from the risk of intervention in Courts by competent jurisdiction. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to treat this or other disputes in the Arbitration Tribunal, leaving them at the same time outside the Court.

There are different views in different countries on issue which cases may be subject of Arbitration (the range of cases in Russia has recently been extended). During this round table, which was attended by a large number of famous experts, the representatives of the main international arbitration centers shared their various views on these and others problems and their solutions of them. During the round table the new legal reforms in Russia in the area of arbitration were also discussed and it was made evaluation of its effectiveness at the national level.

• The attention of our participants was drawn by a round table, named "Law Firm Management: from a small company to an institutionalized structure", which was interesting for manager partners of Russian and international law firms, as well as the heads of the legal departments of companies. The situation at the Russian market is very dynamic, so efficient and professional management of the crisis has become one of the competitive advantages or disadvantages of law firms. At the round table, our representatives have known the approaches of international and Russian law firms with great experience in the development of their own decision-making procedure and complex business processes, also the representatives have familiarized themselves with the strategy that forces firms to increase or, conversely, to specialize in one area of law, evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of process-oriented management systems.

• As part of social projects, performed by Paradigma company, our attention was attracted by the round table "The sacred space of the museum. The territory of the culture ". Nowadays the museum has to protect the borders of its territory everywhere, firstly, the main challenge for museum’s space is still looting and destruction of cultural property during armed conflicts, also the intentional destruction of cultural property and individual acts of vandalism. At the same time the international community is faced not with only problems of safety, but also with the problem of cultural diversity and its acceptance of the society today.

The threats for the museum are still problems with the legal and economic nature, such as illegal usage of masterpieces of museums’ collection, including usage in the Internet, as museums interaction with copyright societies, which collections include masterpieces of contemporary authors, and also as the concept of intellectual property of museums.

Museums are one of the basic participants in the International exchange of cultural property, so intellectual property is a foundation of financial independence of museums, that is why unregulated issues of intellectual property protection and the legal status of the museum directly affect on independence of the museum.