23 11 / 18

PARADIGMA develops the activities in the sphere of legal assistence to Russian-China business society.

On 23rd of November PARADIGMA Law Firm as a co-founder of Legal work section of Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia held the conference for Chinese entrepreneurs in the office of DHH Beijing Law Firm, partner of PARADIGMA Law Firm.

Valeria Selivanova, Partner of PARADIGMA Law Firm and Valeria Rapoport, specialist of the company, were invited as experts in tax law and labor law and have prepared very comprehensive and business-oriented material for Chinese entrepreneurs.

In recent years, there has been significant progress in Russian-China economic relations. Now is the moment when our countries are moving from the constantly growing trade turnovers to serious cooperation in capital-intensive areas of infrastructure and energy. The number of Chinese investor that are entering the Russian market is increasing.

Considering the rise of the “new wave” of foreign investments in Russian Federation, foreign investors do need qualified legal assistance at all the stages of business process i.e. starting from the holding of the initial negotiations to conclusion of the contract. The significant attention should be paid to issues on minimization of risks, assistance in a sphere of Russian tax law and protection of intellectual property and other aspects.

PARADIGMA Law Firm as a member of Russian-China Law Society and co-founder of Legal work section of Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia pays considerable attention to rendering legal services, administrative support and other support services to representatives of Chinese business society in Russia. For this purposes the department specializing in this sphere was founded in PARADIGMA Law firm.