26 12 / 17

PARADIGMA keeps on developing a spiritual growth of collective

On the 26th of December our friendly team have come to an end of the year with the visit of a theatre «Masterskaya Fomenko».

We have seen the performance which was called «A Midsummer Night's Dream» - nice, magic and atmospheric comedy, which was staged by protege of Fomenko – Ivan Popovsky. The performance was created in very unconventional way. Actors wear buskins, perform tricks, jump in the auditorium. A stage manager used aerial silk in this performance. Actors tangle, tumble and fly up using aerial silk. This is true «Shakespeare's theatre» of times when gymnasts and jugglers apart from dramatis personae get involved in performance. A difference between an actor and a buffoon is not significant. Fabric in this performance plays a special role.  Widths fully replace decoration – they can be look like a colonnade, a forest, a shelter.

Despite the continuance of performance (it takes 3 hours 20 minutes, the first act was 2 hours), it was easy to conceive. Thanks to interaction between actors and the audience we had an impression just like being in Shakespeare's world. Our colleges have taken the script of performance on quotations!

Motovilo - one of the character of performance «A Midsummer Night's Dream» warned fairly that «It wouldn`t be without tears, when it played realistic. Take handkerchiefs when I start!» The audience have taken to heart, stocked up with handkerchiefs and laughed to tears!