12 04 / 18

Paradigma took part in Day of Legal Career in the Kutafin Moscow State Law University

Head of business Development of law firm PARADIGMA Valeria Panasenko made the report "Experience of legal group PARADIGMA on practical orientation and recruiting of young specialists". Valeria told about joint successful experience of the PARADIGMA company together with the Kutafin Moscow State Law University. The series of lectures for future lawyers are given every year.

The best practical experience of partners and senior lawyers of the PARADIGMA company and consecutive integration into educational process the practice-oriented in discussions forms a basis of lectures. Also the expert explained about main objectives of this initiative - first of all, the goal is not only in consolidation of efforts on improvement of legal education in Russia, but also in awakening of professional interest in work of the lawyer at inquisitive students.

"We tell students how to put laws into practice, we analyze positions of the supreme courts (The Supreme courts of Arbitration, Supreme and Constitutional courts of the Russian Federation) proceeding from our experience. Besides on, we give examples from litigation practice and we show actions of law precepts` on examples of lawsuits in which lawyers of our company participated, we hold competition to find the most talented students." - noticed Valeria .

The report was made with a practical component - the expert of PARADIGMA openly shared experience of the company in complex work on selection of talented paralegal, about stages of selection of trainees on summer training. She announced the application for competition for training in 2018 and presented real cases which will be decided by future paralegal of the company.

The legal group PARADIGMA will continue active interaction with University, with students and magistrates within legal competitions and programs of training, and also was agreement that the course of lectures which already became traditional  proceed in 2018 - 2019 academic year in University.