21 04 / 17

Partner of PARADIGMA Marat Khasanov is a qualified arbitrator of the RAA Arbitration Court.

The annual general meeting of members took place at Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow on April 20, 2017 of the Association for the Promotion of Arbitration (RAA) was held.  Partner of PARADIGMA Marat Hasanov is a qualified arbiter of the RAA Arbitration Court and represented the interests of the company in the meeting of participants. Law group Paradigma is a member of the Association.

At the meeting of the Russian Arbitration Association (RAA) the vote was taken on new candidates for governing bodies, a new regulation and the business-plan of the Association for the second half of 2017 was adopted on the RAA Board.

The Russian Arbitration Association was established in April 2013 in Moscow and operates on the basis of equal membership of law firms, practicing legal counsels and representatives of the scientific community. Due to the variety of forms of membership, the Association expresses the interests of a wide range of participants related to the field of alternative resolution of commercial disputes.

The main objectives of the Association are assistance in the development of arbitration courts and international commercial arbitration in Russia and CIS countries, popularization of Russia as a place of arbitration, promotion of Russian arbitrators at the national and international level, and raising the level of competence of Russian lawyers in the issues of alternative dispute resolution.