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The VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is held on 16-20th  May. The executives of legal group PARADIGMA traditionally participates in the event - a unique platform of its own created to discuss topical legal issues.

The Legal Forum is becoming worldwide thanks to its professional structured discussions and its position in the global legal market. The qualification of speakers and participants has also seriously grown. The event promises interesting discussions and a polemic that will be developed on the Forum platform within several days.

Despite the large scale of the Legal Forum not all participants know how to gain benefit from this kind of events. The main aim of legal firms’ representatives who visit the Forum is to maintain a company’s image and to demonstrate that the company stays afloat despite the current difficult economic situation in the country.

However, participation of the legal group PARADIGMA in the Legal Forum is rather practical. Thus, partners of the company have a few more purposes: to discuss specific questions from the scientific methodical and expert point of view with colleagues and to tell potential clients about company’s experience including the company’s practice, research and observation works. The Legal Forum provides an excellent opportunity to make new acquaintances and to present the company services personally.

The Legal Forum is a great event in the legal field bringing multiple functions, allowing to get new trends and to establish and restore contacts. The press service of the legal group PARADIGMA is ready to help specialized media, professional associations and associations which are interested in creation of expert platforms and willing to exchange experience of organizing an interaction with professional experts within the Legal Forum 2017.

An interaction with PARADIGMA experts can be performed in various directions. Having solid experience the experts can be engaged as professional speakers or as discussion participants in various analytical and news programs.

The PR service of PARADIGMA will effectively prepare comments of heads of the company – managing partners, an interview or TV shooting on the topics of legal disputes, economic conflicts, intellectual property, antimonopoly, corporate and labor law, taxes, bankruptcy, transport, real estate, legislative activity, explosive society issues, etc.

The PR Service is ready to provide comments promptly.

Contact person: Valeria V. Panasenko, Head of Business Development Department, Legal group PARADIGMA, e-mail:, tel. +7 (495) 649-41-41 (office).