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«Russia and China. Legal aspects of business»

With an aim to contribute to the legal support for the Chinese entrepreneurs, PARADIGMA Law Group, as the co-founder of the Legal Work Section of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia, participates in the conference of the Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA). The conference takes place in Xuzhou, Jiangsu from May 9 to May 13, 2018. "International Summit on Investment Financing" will also be held during the conference.

The Forum program includes topical issues on the legal component of the relationship between Russian and Chinese businesses. Marat Khasanov, partner of PARADIGMA law firm, is presenting two reports at the Forum: "Professional Ethics of a Lawyer in International Arbitration" and "Corporate Agreements and Agreements as Forms for Minimizing Further Business Risks".

In the last ten years, more and more investors from China are entering the Russian market. Due to the government support, the growth of the middle class and the increase in domestic demand China is now turning from the largest producer into the largest investor.

Establishing good relations with the eastern neighbours has always been one of the main political and economic priority for Russia. Of course, for our country China remains a strategically important area and investor.

A new wave of foreign investment in Russia requires a qualitative legal support at all stages of the business process. This includes selection of the investment region, issues of minimizing business risks and tax burden, protecting intellectual property and many other. The Law Group PARADIGMA comprises specialists who provide legal support for Chinese investors in Russia, as well as for Russian investors who maintain business in China.

Therefore, it is very important for our law firm to participate in such events, where PARADIGMA partner and head of the practice of the above-mentioned legal support conducts a dialogue with the Chinese investors on the legal aspects of doing business in Russia and provides an expert opinion based on the firms’ practice in the field of international arbitration.

We would like to thank Deheng Law Group and Mr. Luan Shaohu, Ms. Yuan Yi for inviting and arranging the trip for our partners and other employees of our firm!

PARADIGMA is a partner of Deheng Law Group in Russia and represents the interests of the Chinese residents in the Russian Federation in the field of investment and legal services, often being in contact with the professional lawyers from the DHH legal group.

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