28 11 / 17

SPEAR’s RUSSIA #10 ICO: the protection of the shareholder`s rights.

So as blockchain technologies and ICO market due to its rapid development are considered as a perspective phenomenon existing at the junction of IT-technology, finances and law, PARADIGMA Company has formed the specific legal practice of the ICO legal support.

The rapid development of the technologies creates new opportunities for business development, including the opportunities in the international level. However, the activity in this sphere is connected with difficulties both technical and legal nature.

At the moment, functioning and the legal status of the ICO are not specified in the legislation. In the meantime, this fact does not mean that the ICO platforms are not subjected to the legal responsibility under the existing legislation. Furthermore, the development of this sphere inevitably leads to the creation of the relevant legislative.

Therefore, all the ICO projects require high-quality legal support in order to avoid the problems connected with regulatory authorities. More information about legal support in the sphere of the ICO and blockchain projects you can find HERE.

You can read this article in the current issue of the magazine SPEAR`S #10 or by clicking the LINK in the pdf format.