11 04 / 18

SPEAR’S Russia #3(76), 2018 Marat Khasanov, Elena Gorbatovskaya and Olesya Oleynikova talk about the practice of holding top management responsible and which prevention measures shall be taken to minimise the risks

The article "With New Responsibility" written by the experts of PARADIGMA and dedicated to the latest changes in the legislation on the responsibility of managers and business owners has been published in the third issue of SPEAR'S magazine.

The legal firm’s specialists analyze the additions made to the list of insider information subject to mandatory disclosure, and the specialists present the specifics of such disclosure.

The article also examines in detail the acute issue of holding company's controlling persons subsidiary responsible during bankruptcy process, taking into account the recent Decree of the Supreme Court’s Plenum of the Russian Federation No. 53 dated December 21, 2017.

In the final part of the article the lawyers comment on the latest changes and practices on holding top management responsible for the arrears and fines of the company and offer recommendations for minimizing risks based on the successful practice of PARADIGMA.

You can find the article HERE