26 04 / 17

The birthday of the Legal Group “Paradigma”

The congratulations of the managing partners – Kliment Rusakomskiy and Nataliya Kolodezhnaya, the partner of the Company Marat Khasanov:

“Dear friends, this date specifies not only 12 years from the foundation of the Company and the new stage of the dynamic evolution. This is 12 years of the productive partnership, during which the Company “Paradigma”
earned irreproachable reputation, respect of the colleagues and confidence of the clients. It is not only the merit of team player skills of the collective, but also a result of the high confidence of our clients. With all heart, we congratulate our business partners and all clients of the Company “Paradigma” and wish you, dear friends, good health, happiness, good luck in business and financial prosperity. We value the formed relations with you and will be glad for their evolution in the future!”

Sincerely yours,

Kliment Rusakomskiy, Nataliya Kolodezhnaya and Marat Khasanov.


Dear clients, colleagues and partners!

The Company “Paradigma” was founded in 2005 by the group of professional lawyers with the huge experience of work in the leading companies and government bodies. During more than 10 years the Company specializes on the defence of the interests of the clients in all courts of all levels in Russia and in foreign countries and on the provision of the full range of the legal services for the representatives of the Russian and foreign business community. This includes the services ranging from the defence of the corporate interests in the commercial disputes, the bankruptcy of the companies and the debt management, transaction support and support in the procedures of the due diligence during the concluding the contracts in Russian Federation and in other jurisdictions to consultations on the legal questions.

The successful work of the Company is, at first, the successful work of the collective of the Company. Today the Company consolidates more than 30 professional lawyers and attorneys in different spheres of law. It provides an opportunity to succeed the successful results during the deciding the complex projects, including the projects in unique and embarrassed commercial disputes. Our Company is the live system, which works jointly, fine-tuned and effective!