14 11 / 17

The economics of the law firm: new opportunities. How to manage the law company effectively?

On the 14 of November 2017 in Marriott Hotel Novy Arbat there was held a conference arranged by on the subject of «The economics of the law firm». The Managing Partner of the PARADIGMA Law Group Kliment Rusakomskiy took part as a speaker of the session regarding «The transboundary aspect of the law business: prospects and barriers».

Kliment reported about the practical aspects of effective cooperation in course of litigation’s proceedings which are conducted in different jurisdictions, about the focus of the company on trans-border projects, about general tendencies of the conclusion of transactions and about the effective defense of the parties in international litigation, about experience of the PARADIGMA company regarding office opening in the key jurisdictions and about other relevant issues connected with the new forms of the company operation. «Participating in such events is important not only due to the possibility to share the experience with the legal community, but also because of the fact that the ideas about the ways to solve various problems often appear during the speech or while debating with colleagues.

During the conference, the participants discussed priority issues of the economics of the law firm so as financial accounting management, effective approaches to the law firm development, project management in the context of financial efficiency and the questions of business sharing between partners. The representatives of the leading Russian and foreign companies took part in the conference as speakers.