05 03 / 18


PARADIGMA legal group took part in the conference "Marathon of vacancies" organized at the Moscow University of Finance and Law (MFBA). This event was created for business interaction between employers and job seekers which provides them with an opportunity of an open communication. The audience of the conference consisted of students and graduates of legal universities, as well as representatives of legal consulting firms. At the same time PARADIGMA legal group announced a contest called "Legal essay" for the best analytical work. Bachelour and postgraduate students were offered to analyze one of the company’s case and were tasked to write a legal opinion on the case. Student who will submit the best works will be offered to complete an internship in PARADIGMA.

This is not the first time when PARADIGMA firm participates in the meeting with students and graduates of legal universities. Together with the Kutafin Moscow State Law University we hold a series of practical lectures at the university. The basis for lectures are the best practical experience of PARADIGMA partners and senior lawyers and the consistent integration of practical discussions into the learning process.

What is the main goal of this initiative? Firstly, we want to raise professional interest in the legal job in the inquisitive students. We take our experience as a foundation and explain students how to apply legislation in practice and how to analyze positions of the higher courts (Supreme Arbitration and Supreme and Constitutional Courts of the Russian Federation). In addition, we give examples of the judicial practice and legal norms in action on the real court cases which were lead by the lawyers of our firm. We also conduct contests in order to identify the most talented students.

Secondly, despite the fact that one of the main factors that ensures an excellent quality of a higher legal education is the professional pedagogical staff, the first and foremost part of it is the practical component in presenting the learning material to the students. At present, a centralized educational process in higher education institutions does not include enough of the practical part (internships etc.). Recently, we can see an increasing interest in the real judicial experience gained by our firm among students, and we are very happy about this as we believe that a profession can be learnt fully only by practicing it. Profession of a lawyer is not an exception.